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Mixta Real Estate Plc (also known as Mixta Nigeria and formerly ARM Properties Plc) is a leading real estate development company in Nigeria. The company has a strong track record and diverse real estate portfolio, with operations spanning the residential, commercial, retail and leisure sectors of Nigerian real estate industry. Mixta Nigeria has successfully delivered close to 3,000 real estate assets, comprising homes, plots and retail outlets to end-buyers. Our success is built on the strength of our asset base, which stands at a value of over N29 billion, one of the largest in its sector in Nigeria. Mixta Nigeria executes special projects in medium to large scale real estate development projects and also provides real estate advisory services. By carefully and strategically selecting our real estate projects, we are able to contribute to viable community developments and bring about sustainable transformation of the real estate sector

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Mixta Real Estate Plc

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8 Kasumu Ekemode, off Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

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